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Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting

NO CHARGE For Basic Problem Analysis

Computers are wonderful.  They also break down and fixing them isn't always easy. That's where we come in. In over 30 years we've repaired every imaginable problem with computers and computer accessories. From malfunctioning hard drives, laptop video displays and LCD replacements, to jamming printers, stuck DVDs, failed driver installations, a myriad of operating system errors and much much more. Call us today and describe the general issue and we'll do our best to diagnose and then upon your approval FIX the issue at hand. We never invoice until you are completely satisfied and we do not charge for discovery analysis like most consultancies do. If you need replacement parts we'll order them for you. Same day service is sometimes available depending on the issue in particular. When you call have any pertinent information about the issue handy such as specific error messages you may be encountering, the exact make and model of the equipment in question, and any other details you can give us. This will help to get us to your solution as fast as possible. With rare exception we've never seen a problem we couldn't fix that could be fixed!!!! Call today!